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Did you know that many plant-based food sources can help support focus, concentration, alertness and memory? Take the Brain Power Quiz now and test your knowledge of these powerful brain superfoods!

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Test Your Knowledge of Vitamins and Minerals that Enhance Brain Function and Improve Mental Clarity.

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100% All Natural POWERFUL Plant-Based Ingredients for Optimal Mental Performance*

Clarity® is a new supplement with power packed plant-based ingredients that support superior cognitive thinking properties. This "Smart Supplement," by definition, helps to improve mental functions such as cognition, memory, intelligence, motivation, attention, and concentration by supporting mental clarity and overall brain health.

Natures Doctors Clarity contains vinpocetine. The FDA has determined that there is a safety concern for pregnant women taking vinpocetine supplementation. The FDA advisory is that pregnant women should not take supplements containing vinpocetine. Nature’s Doctors advises that before taking any and all nutritional supplementation, that supplement use be discussed and cleared by a health care professional. Natures Doctors Clarity should not be taken by pregnant women.

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organic plant-based nutrition for the mind

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Clarity was formulated to provide the most potent mix of plant-based, natural ingredients that have been shown to help enhance mental performance. Benefit from improved focus and reduced noise in your daily life, without relying on caffeine or pharmaceuticals.

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