Interesting Facts About Depression to Consider

If you are suffering from depression, you are far from alone, and there are some facts about depression that you might find helpful. According to the American Psychological Association, approximately one out of five Americans can expect to experience some form of depressive disorder during their lives. This makes depression one of the most common mental health conditions overall.

Depression Can Strike Anyone

Imagine you are an individual who has just landed a tremendously stressful job. In addition, you will have the distinction of being the least-experienced person in current history to take that position. Furthermore, you will oversee a dangerous long-term project that will claim numerous lives. On a less serious but still stressful level, it will also force you to successively fire a chain of subordinates.

Additionally, after losing your mother, brother and sister while a teen, you will then lose two of your children in your adulthood. Your marriage is strained. with a mentally unstable spouse. And on top of it all, you will suffer from insomnia and digestive issues.

Unsurprisingly, the individual described above suffered from depression. Who was described? He was one of America’s revered historical figures, whom we look up to as a model of greatness. He was Abraham Lincoln. Despite his depressive episodes, he headed the Union during the American Civil War, abolished slavery, and navigated a complicated personal life.

Depression is Frequently Misunderstood

Depression is not a simple condition. It does not discriminate among cultural, intellectual or economical lines. Anyone of any walk of life can experience this common disorder. It is frequently misunderstood. The average person uses the term “depression” to describe passing sadness or disappointment. This familiar usage can lead to confusion and insensitivity. Frequently it misrepresents what a clinically depressed individual is going through.

Clinical depression is more incapacitating than a transient period of emotional upset. Depression can be neurotoxic, suppressing essential growth hormones and killing off neurons in the brain. This means that the condition can change the brain’s makeup.

Additionally, it interferes significantly with activities that support overall health as well as brain health. Classic symptoms of clinical depression include sleep and diet disturbances. As we’ve all been taught since childhood, if you aren’t sleeping or eating well, you aren’t going to feel well.

When depressed, an individual cannot think well. These symptoms serve to compound another common symptom: An increasing inability to concentrate or focus. Like a domino effect, things continue to spiral. When concentration is affected, so are everyday activities, which can result in feelings of failure and isolation.

Treatment for Clinical Depression

It’s crucial for anyone suffering from mental health issues to be properly diagnosed by a health professional. This is a condition with physical effects and not something that will “pass.” Furthermore, an individual cannot “snap out of it” through self-directed efforts. As with most diseases, a healthy lifestyle, including physical exercise, is something that patients can adapt to assist with their depression. However, just like most non-mental diseases, depression usually requires some type of clinical therapy or medication in order to manage the disorder.

Supplements designed to boost brain health can help,while following the regimen of care prescribed by their health professional. Nature’s Doctors offers five different organic, plant-based supplements that can be used individually or all together to provide support to a brain working with the hurdles of depression. Here are two that can help:

Clarity: This “Smart Supplement” helps to improve mental functions such as cognition, memory, intelligence, motivation, attention, and concentration. It can help prevent or reverse cognitive decline.

Advanced Formula Sleep: As noted, depression can wreak havoc on healthy sleeping patterns, which can compound bleak feelings and affect appetite. This all-natural supplement provides a pure, refreshing night’s sleep, allowing toxicity to leave the brain.

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